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Saturday, May 31, 2008

trying to blog about today before its start June..
so here am i..

went to WahD's saloon @ kepong with my sis & her boyfriend.. LOLs, we went to the wrong way, thank you so much for the uncle, Oldass.. block our way to turn, and trying to make trouble with us but he's lucky its not my darl driving.. yea, so we paid the toll for the second time.. 1.60x2 =.= later on have to pay again so x3.. ishish!!, okay, well.. we are late to go home to ready for the wedding dinner tonight, i used 30mints to ready up everything and kelian my jie have to be late abit, and she make-up in the car.. wow!! pro-ass~

KL are the jam-set place ever, especially during the weekends.. we went out from the hse around 6 and reach the hotel around 7, LOLs.. yea, met all uncles aunties.. felt happy though.. the place are nice and seems so romance,.. i dont met any lengzai, LOLs.. ofcourse except for my CHIA family guys/men.. i mean those are not marry yet.. hahaa.. but i saw lengluis (: went home around 11 then dad&mom head to Hartamas to meet up those clubber aunty uncle for the second round.. Fuihh! i'm not allowed to follow, use to it );

and so here i am, i cant sleep, not even feel like sleeping.. i want to go out or have some talk with friends either.. any night ghost here?? for me?? teeheee,
oh yea, am suppose to upload ken's party's pics (; taaaz..

p/s: today's pictures will upload later.. *biasa*

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