exam dae-3

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

awwww, today's exam are fine (:
moral i did all, i dont care how much i get but atleast i did everything with the correct match nilai&kata kunci.
during bm paper1, need to write 2 essay (:
bahagian A need 200-250 words, but i wrote 345 words,
bahagian B need 350+ words but i wrote 294 words, -.-
swt, i terbalik it..
anyway, feel happy cause today's essay are not really hard, i can manage to do it ^^
bahagian B, need to choose 1 of the 5question,
den i choose the [permainan tradisional] cause i've did it in my tuition, awwwww happy happpy, i dont mind i get less marks but atleast i've tried my best ^^
stayed back after school, teck fetches me&my boy, cox my boy's car repairing.
went to 100yen to buy ice, strawberry flavor ^^v.
teck fetches me back home, but waited him for almost 45mints cause he's washing his hair in the salon -.-
lucky i dint got scolded from my dad, $;
and that's all for today, tomorrow having art (: teeheee, ...

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