Thursday, May 15, 2008

yeap, skipped schl today, cause no exam today & no one is going to the school, teehee. went to my boyfriend hse, after reaches his hse, we washes his car den went to bath, finish bathing, * ring ring * , his phone rang,.. so answered, * o a o a k * lols, have no idea who called, after off the phone, he said, "joshua is outside my hse, he said play basketball" tahahaa, i'm laughing cos i feel funny, i thought he said afternoon? lols, den we went and play with him, i sat beside watches them, then, ending game, they 1on1 5balls, teehee 5-1 , my boy win,.. josh, chill and continue training, i know u can! well, cos my bf bathed b4 that, so he lazy to bath again.. just wipe over the body,.. rest for 15mints.. we decided to put on the mask, teeeheee.. 20mints later.. wow! u can see the different from my bf, lols, while doing the mask, he keep complained this and that cause this is his 1st time doing this kind mask, he always do different mask.. hahaaa. we took picture using his phone (; ngeh, after mask, we went to cook our food cause we both are so hungry!!! there's 2different korean mee, 1is the usual we ate and another is another type we nvr try b4.. so i decided to try and and and and AND it came out with ciment taste!! GOD! so he asked me to cooked another pack the usual one, graahhhhhhh, #; hahaaa.. we actually wanted to odered McD but they said they dont serve breakfast? wth?? no such thing aight! McD delivery suck, i meant it but their dine-in are perfect, teehee, and yeah.. that's all for today (; *picture will be upload later when i got it form my boyfriend ^^ and and and tmr is hari guru, &; have math & pjk exam @@"' taadaaaazz

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