Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yesterday, after that.. finally i know what's in ur heart..
i'm such a failure, a big spender, a shopper, a selfish-er, a brainless, no guts-er, an actor..
i always think of myself than you, i always want to go out, i thought its right as gf for being so concern and care about u but its actually not, i have no brave no guts to face sadness&problems, i always act im happy when problems and sadness are right infront of me..
i am wrong, from the beginning.. till now.., i am sorry for what i have done wrongly to u, but sometimes did u ever try to understand my action a little bit? did u ever understand what's my point of being like this sometimes? or mayb u do but just a little while..
what kind of family i have, im sure u are very clear.. everyone can just grab their chance for doing something or going out esily, but im not the one of them.. i cant grab my chance in anytime i like, i have to wait for my chance.., wait.. i always wait, wait for the chance, i did appreciate the chance, but sometimes i'm not the right one to control the chance..
yes, i understand, but u dont seems to bother about it, that's why i'm being sad..
i love you, do you? are you sure u do?
i was careless last time, i dint care for ur feelings before i do sometihng, but now i did.
and so, did u? paper cant cover the fire, no even the water..
nothing could hide forever..
yes, i can feel ur carings & ur lovings, but its all oppsite behind of me..
what should i do? lifeless are cmoing closer to me, i hurted myself yesterday, i felt everything had start all over again..
i dont see rainbow, i see dark clouds..
i am sorry because i love you
26 months 24days <33

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