Friday, May 23, 2008

yea, today schl celebrate teacher's day and u know, as usual, jieyi never attend to schl whenever there's any celebration every year, teehee.. so yea, ponteng and went to find my hunn and its last day schl, i meant last day seeing him ): cause i cant go out during the hols..

hunn came to schl to fetch me and we saw chee leong, LOLs, then darl went to 7-11 to buy bread incase i hungry, *sayang.. then i asked him to bring me to the park, cause i want to play see-saw & the swing thingy, *kid.. teehee so we sat on the swing and we chat and talk alot about our 1st year couple-ing, everything we talk remind us the 1st year we be together, the place and the way we together.. hahaa.. kinda funny when we think back, and wondering, taahaa.. i wanted to play the see-saw but its apart away from the swing so i dint listen to darl and i hurt my angkle and he scolded me -.- sorrry darl, then we went to sat on the top of the slide there, we chat and talk. and my ass got stuck on the slide, as u know, park's playground are for age below 12 but .. hahaha.. im kid yea.. LOLs, we wanted to have mcd for breakfast but end up we had it during the lunch time.. teehee.. thx hunn for caring me up and down the stairs at ur hse today.. muackxx.. we suppose to go to the postoffice and service his car but end up we dint make it cause someone is sleeping like a dead pig, hahaa..

and yeah, that's all for today.. love hunn so much, and he said he very miss this morning, we wish we could be like this every morning, teehee.. normally, our morning will be playing basketball or wash car but today's different and this memory made our love more deeper,.. talalaar.. <33>

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