exam dae-2

Friday, May 02, 2008

woo hoooo,
today had sejarah paper2 and science paper1.
sejarah i ONLY studied bab4 which is about the Malayan Union,
so i only remembered some, and i got it right, and im sure i'll get 2mrks for paper2 (:
it alright, cause atleast that 2marks is the "connect" answer (: LOL

during recess, me and sam went to block C to teman joshua..
and this pn.ting (izit? wtv) asked sam to take this plastic bag to the Bio Room and pass it to the Bio Asst.
so, while walking there,
i said it might be froggy inside, or mayb its already bisected frog?
then he kinda scare laa, cos its like, ewwwww~
then, when he pass it to the Bio Asst,
he asked them, what's inside?
they replied its rat, and its dead rat..
sam was scared out of his wits when he knew before that he was holding a bunch of dead rats !

during science, ok lar.. its objective.. but not really easy cox i dint study form4's work,
but at the form5 section, its quite okay for me (:

sorrey la, its too pist when someone copy you,
stil lthe same sentence for her,
Dont you have your own life,? instead of having my life?
u suck (; admit it ;D

anyway, just came back from starbuck with him (:
viewing blogs, chatting with friends now, forgotten wat i want to write again $:
cant stop view that *girl's blog, ish! i hate ppl having my life =p
anyway, fooling ppl when that person are meant to b fooled are fun ^^
i dint kay, kekeee.. nights ppl (:

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