You're my everything!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

today, yea,.. i am suppose to stay at home to rest but u know, at home, alone, no body take care.. so i decided to go to my baby's hse.. teehee,.. yea, after reaches his hse, 1st thing i always do i sleep, teehee.. feeling warm and safe in your arms hunnii, u hold me whenever my legs touches the floor, u cooked breakfast for me, u make warm drink for me when im gastric, u looked at me when i took my medicine, u walked very slow with me when i walked down the stairs, i love you darling.. no one ever did the best things for me, its only u! hunn fetches me home around 2:30, i took my lunch then i sat infront of the comp, just now, b4 i start my blog for today, we played tic-tac-toe & paper-sissors-stone in msn just now, hahaa.. sorry baby, i won all.. hahaa.. we were wasting our phone credit to call each others, u on ur webcam while we're playing and everything! and so here am i now, (: thank you darl, and sorry for making u worried of me this 2days, u dint really slept, u keep waking up to call me and make sure im okay and make sure im not in pain, i love u darling! so much and i need u.. every single second.. i love u infinity, my love to u are countless, only me and u know how much is our love, (: teehee, i love u hunnii..

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