Wednesday, May 14, 2008

went to schl today, sam, josh, ken went too, had only 19 people in the class,.. S: yea, had lotsa fun though, and taken 1fun&horny picture of sam&weiwei,.. hahaa, is with ken's phone, teeheee, sam draw cute stuff, he added green colour & i tambah Pink (; school ended, waited bus @ backfield lorong, while waiting for my bus, had some fun josh..,, hahaha,, today have to kesian josh keep got bullied&played by me this kid, taahaaa, we'r fun and not hurting, i mean we dint play any hurting stuff like whacking or watt,, lalaaa, that's all for today,.. and, anyone going to school tmr? i'm thinking~ $;

i tought of blogging tonight, but i feel like blogging now cos its so damn bored at ome, dint stay back today ^^v , okay, getting my ass off to have my afternoon bedtime, yea, i admit im a pig larrr, taahaaa, nights** (;

Draw by sam (:



my babies <3>


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