Mr.J 義法廚房 French-Italian Restaurant

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Here comes to my favorite blog post. Been thinking if I should post in Mandarin but I think it's better in English post so that everyone can reads better. ;D

As a big fans of Jay Chou, is it a must to visit his restaurant if you travel to Taiwan. It's located inside of Taipei Medical University 臺北醫學院. 

It's design themed with his movie - Secret 不能說的秘密, matching with French-Italian cuisine. 

Well, I'd say that its interior design were kind of a disappointment/below expectation. Of course, people 'd have expected it to be very French-Italian design or at least more vintage like the movie Secret. But overall its design was still okay la, I'd rate it 7/10.

Part of his merchandises in a glass display shelve. Definitely there're few I wanted to buy but I decided not to, to avoid bankruptcy. Hahahaha .. I could have spend a big fortune for his merchandises which I've did before, so yea, I gotta control myself.

A very beautiful and vintage wooden piano that you see in the movie is placed in the center of the restaurant. It even crafted the word [Secret]. Oh yes, the Christmas decoration is still on it.

A huge collage poster on the wall, beside the washroom.

Part of Jay Chou's albums collection outside of the washroom

and a classic scene in the movie, hung outside of the washroom wall.

Message/Wishing card hanging on a tree at the side of the staircase. I wish I could get one but didnt manage to. :(

Table placement of the plates, tissue and drinking glasses. Noticed that the dishes plates are all in black & white theme based.

 & his two different designs of the menus. <3 Wished I could grab one home & use as a file holder. :D :D :D Of course you can't bring 'em back.

Okay, enough with the interior designs. Here comes the yum yum part.

 Grilled Chicken Salad

 Toasted bread [appetizer]

 Seafood Pizza

 Baked Cheese Escargot [appetizer]

 Scallop with asparagus [appetizer]

 Urm, penne rigate pasta, can't remember what it is.

 Urm, linguine .. can't remember =/

 Grilled Pork I think

 Chocolate Caramel cake I think. (Awesome)

 Chocolate cake

 Caramel Moose I think.

So this is the total bill. Price was average as the italian food prices. Overall foods tasted not bad, I'd rate it 8.5/10

Noticed this old school music player and a vintage carousel on the drink bar. I wanna get the carousel home. <3 <3 <3

If I'm not mistaken, there're 3 more outlets but according to the official website, it only shown 2 outlets. You can probably check it out here

Here're some details:

MrJ 義法廚房北醫店

How to go: take the MRT to Taipei 101 World Trade Center station [臺北101/世貿中心], then walking distance about 5-7minutes to Taipei Medical University [台北醫學院] and it's just right inside the University, beside 7-eleven. Or you can probably take a cab for about 50TWD or a free shuttle bus to the university.

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