Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Haven't been updating my blog quite a while, been busy for exams and project. I'm done with 'em & my final year degree. Unfortunately I have to re-module few subjects before I can officially end my studies. But it's okay, I've finally found the enjoyment being a student. Hehe.

As my final datelines was 27th Jan, so I kinda left out quite a number of things haven't done. I didn't get to go to the salon for my hair, so I used Liese home DIY hair dye & my own home DIY hair treatment, results were within my expectation :)

It's 30th, hope you & your family had a great reunion day. I had mine, lunch with mom's side family and dinner with my dad's side family. Hehe. It was great :)

May your resolutions stay firm, wishes come true and all your efforts into great achievement in the year ahead. 

Once again, I wish you and your family a Happy Chinese New Year. 

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