Twenty Fourteen

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Time pass really fast, I havent feel myself in 2014 yet. 2013 weren't really a good year for me & here comes 2014, haven't list my resolution of the year yet but here's the first in my list is quickly get over January. Well ofcourse I'd want it to end it smoothly.

This month would be one of the toughest month in 2014 (so far) because I'll be having 2 weeks of finals & Final Year Project due. :( Sucks. Lacking of time.

I will not really want to talk about my 2013, as it wasn't a good year tho. Just came back from two trips in December 2013, Bali & Taiwan, I guess it was the only best month in 2013?

Will write about my Bali trip as soon as I got a complete photo album of it & also my Taiwan trip, there're about 1.5k of photos taken in Taiwan. Really need time to clear it.

Christmas has passed & mine wasn't a good one. New Year Eve was great in Taiwan. Realize I barely have a good day in 2013. Anyway, I hope you guys have had a good year in 2013 and all the best to all of you in 2014. Once again, a late Happy New Year :) & stay tune for more 2014 blog post.

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