Pre-Christmas Celebration with Cousins 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas! 

How was your day? Hope you people had a great one. :)

This is a late post. Had a pre-christmas celebration with all the cousins on 14th Dec 2013. 

Gift Exchange can never be missed. We also had some games, actually there are more but we didnt manage to play 'em all due that we decided to give out all presents during the first and second game. LOL.

& instead of just normal bored christmas celebration at home, other than gift exchange & games, we decided to have a photo booth.

Forgotten to take a picture of the photo booth, here's one. We even have props! All done by my most creative second sister- Isabell :D

Overall was awesome, played all Glee's version Christmas songs. We cooked spaghetti, some nuggets & sausages. Oh, Red Wine! <3

Theme of the night was Red & Green. Some crazy photos here :)

Complete group photo of cousins.

 Le green team.

Le red team.

There're even more photos in my Facebook Photo Album.

Oh, No, we don't have a turkey, we aren't Christian/Catholics, no super fancy Christmas celebration, but we had Christmas Cake, done by my cousin - Coco . She loves to bake.

It's Christmas today, hope you had lotsa fun! <3 Xoxo.

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