November 2013

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

P/s: It's gonna be a long random post.

Hello December, Goodbye November.

Time flies. It's already the last month of the year 2013. November wasn't doing very good to me. December has kick started miserably. Hoping the rest of December will be good.

My every month are full filling with jobs almost every weekends and same goes to my November. But It's also my youngest sis, boyfie & younger cousin's bro birthday month as well.

I'd say I've spent really a lot in that month. Bought my new camera - Sony Nex 5T. I was actually deciding between Casio Zr1000, Sony Nex 3N because it has pink. But I've chosen Sony Nex 5T at last because everyone said it's better to invest spend on something really worth it. Well ofcourse you'll definitely tell me why no olympus cause I can probably get a better one in Olympus with the same price but urm, my heart still went to Sony Nex 5T.

I did not want to get Casio Zr1000 is because it's more like a fun camera which might not be able to satisfy me. Yes, it has a great selfie soft skin but Nex 5T can do what a Zr1000 does & it's also with better quality & effect. Also, I'm not only taking selfie/portrait but I do take alot landscape so fun camera ain't really my choice. But I began to regret I took white for my Sony. Should have just take the black one. ):

Back to my November. if you followed my instagram/twitter/facebok, it was one of the toughest month for me & my family. Saddest news ever was my great-grandmother age of 96 has passed away due to bad health condition. It's hard for us is because we lived with her. So many daily routines has turned in to memories.

She passed away with age of 100 according to the chinese culture. But her exact age was 96. Anyhow, rest in peace my dear great-grandmother. I really miss you very much. To be honest, I'm still not really use to it yet. Without seeing her sitting by the window everyday, that feels just so different anymore. Routines for 22 years for me. But this is a 笑喪 (direct translate - Happy funeral) because she's already age of 100.

Life still goes on.

Worked in KLIMS13 for carlist. One of the happiest job with the friendly staff & boss.

It's a 10days job from 10am - 10pm. It's been quite long ever since I worked from 10am-10pm. max duration only less than 8 hours. Overall I still love working with them :)

Had a fun job the past weekend in Sunway Pyramid.
It's the month of Christmas, you'll see all decorations and mascots walkabout in the mall for entertainments. So I've got dressed as an angel with Leo & Leonel & 3 Stickman. Hahah ..

My job was pretty much easy, just giving out candies to kids sponsored by Sticky. But I was just replacing a friend.

I believe December will always be the most awesome month of the year, maybe because of Christmas & definitely there'll be lotsa parties events waiting ahead.

My most excited part for the month will be my trips planned earlier. Can't wait!

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