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Friday, December 06, 2013

Hello! A random post here at 1:04a.m.

First week of December is about to end, it's already Friday. Time flies really quick. With a blink of an eye, 3 weeks left for 2013. Can't really recall what I've done in the year. Everyone just can't wait to graduate as soon as they can, but there are like few more modules I have to retake after this sem before I graduate.

Really an unproductive year for me, except for my one-time HLA MDRT Award which was achieved last year for 2012/2013. What else have I done this year? Seriously, I'm getting unproductive, or maybe just because I've totally lost my passion in studies that is why I can't stop myself earning, but no matter how many jobs I've done, how much I earned, I spent 'em all. Gosh. I've not only lose all my passion but also my motivation.

Not sure if I'm too outgoing & playful or what, all I have in my mind was only "Live at the moment & do what I feel happy", "Live no regrets", those are my daily quotes & guess I didn't actually apply it appropriately.

One of my assignment will be due on 20th Dec but for the first time, I'm about to get it all done latest by this coming weekend. I do feel happy that I could finally motivate a lil. 2 more computing subjects' assignments which are gonna due in January which probably gonna clash with my Final Year Project due on 27th Jan and exams around that corner.

I'm the person that able to handle stresses but apparently it have to depend on what kind of stresses. There're never a problem for me to handle jobs stresses like events/management, I strongly believe I have passion in 'em. But definitely not stresses especially in studies. I've collapsed once due to overload studies stresses which I ended up gave up & failed a subject. Sigh. But definitely not this time, I wont repeat the same mistake anymore.

I'm excited for the upcoming trips, but also I'm getting stressful for all my datelines.

I was supposed to attend Freshkon Icon Search Interview this morning, but I gave up because I've chosen to attend class which I barely will do. Surprisingly I felt a moment of happy that I made the decision to class because I've managed to noted down things that are important for the subject though I do felt a lil regret for not attending the Interview because I've chosen to be in top20 and the interview was supposed to select top10 finalist which ofcourse I'll have 50/50 chances. Well, these will always come tho.

Everybody is in #dayre. So am I.

I don't say I'd update it frequently but at least that would be my space to write my thoughts that no many people might see. I'm not expecting loads of followers, but you're welcome to follow me :) I'll be posting about my sudden random thoughts, things I came across, share some beauty stuff maybe?

I wanna start a vlog, any guidance?

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