11.12.13 Day 345

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I was bored, slacked half of my day on my bed. I don't feel happy recently, rather a stressful upset week. I miss my mom, she'll be back on this weekend.
Pre christmas party this weekend, was actually really excited but mood just went down.

I was thinking, that I want to build a new blog. I want to delete all the old sucky memories in this blog. But I cant do it, memories flooded in this blog.
I cant help pressing the previous button reading all the old past posts when I'm feeling down.

I need to go somewhere, some where that no one knows me or perhaps no one around me, quite and silent, no human sound, just the nature noise, with a bottle of beer would be great, and a friend who does not know anything about me, sitting beside me quietly.

Not a very excited year for me. Never a year. I always put hope, but why do I sound like a hopeless freak or a weirdo here.

I wish there's a machine or a technology, that can read & describe my feelings.

Ever since I stopped sharing/describing my feelings to anyone, I can't even read my own feelings anymore. It's all numbed.

life oh life.

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