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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

I have this habit, to collect notebooks. I barely use them but most of my notebooks now has been "stolen" or used. LOL.

I came across this website - Noteworthie. I saw their adverts in facebook, my itchy hand clicked into it. Curiosity made me keep going on in the website. So I ended up buying stuff from there -.-

They have few range of notebooks - ring notebook, small and medium size notebook. Pocket planner and calendar. Gift cards and box of goodness.

Their designs are very vintage and old school which attracts me a lot. I bought myself a calendar, pocket planner and two notebooks & a complimentary bookmark.

This is the calendar, there're spaces in every dates that allow your to note down your appointments and activities.

I was having difficulties to choose which design I want for the notebook, I love all their designs. So at last I've chosen this two - Camera  & Dream

This is the pocket planner I've chosen.

Overall I had a hard time choosing which design I want for the items, I love all of 'em. I'll probably get another design next time.

Oh, & my complimentary bookmark.

In order to get yourself a complimentary bookmark, simply key in the code : BOOKMARK when you check out.

Do check out their designs at Noteworthie . Their price are very much affordable too!

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