Monday, May 26, 2008

GOSH!! what a freakin sucking boring day larrr,, its 12:51pm, and i'm here bloggingcomplaining how boring am i now!! teehee.. hell hell hell, what a nice holiday i've got everytimeeeee.. yeah, *chopchopchop* sien haiiiiiiiii, boyfriend went PD with his family,*great.. till wednesday, i think? *wtv.. cause our plan has gone, soooo WHATEVER larh, sorry, kinda moodless, u know? its so lucky i have this chance to go lagoon with him, and and and, without any adults controls, only we both or mayb with friends, but u know, this chance is so barely to get, and hell now gotta cancel, ISH! well, i don't wanna "jual ikan", so i'm okay.. I AM OKAYYYYY, *if u think so? *chopchopchop* , nah nah nah, sis is fun, her friends are here.. grrrrrrrm suck! later i should go McD to cheermyself up, teehee.. *fatfatfat* but so? if i dont cheer myself i dont love myself who gonna love me and cheer me up? teehee yeap.. oh ya, wanna know something? my nails are so freakin striky PINK, buahaha, yea, its look quite wierd, but.. whatever lar.. Holidays, who gonna see right? hahaaa..

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