Happee Burfdae Kenneth (:

Friday, May 30, 2008

Thursday, 29.05.08

yesterday was ken's birthday, before went to his party, went yumcha with darl around 12.. after an hour, got ready for ken's party later.. waited for sam to came over my hse and shareen to fetches us there.. we reaches there around 5:30 i think? and the party starts at 7:30.. LOLs, we are early, hahaaa.. well, the party was fun, took lots of pictures, almost taken 45pictures in my camera,.. (: there's a chocolate fountain, with white marshmallow( why aren't it pink? ), banana & grape,.. yummm.. wheeeee!!! had cathering, with all the delicious foods & ice-kacang.. okay okay, bloated.. hahaa.. after eating, everyone went into his hse, karaoke, gambling, drinking.. LOLs, whisky??? i drank less than half galss, and weiwei, sue & may were playing sometihng i guess? or mayb not, weiwei got drunk after that, was really funny, he laugh all the way, shareen was half drunk half not, may i think she is? sue half half too.. when its time for the cake, me and sam spray all over ken with the snow spray and the colour one.. and end up the cake has not been layan-ed.. LOLs, mom fetches me home around 11:45 after may went home, dropped sam and sue stay over my hse (: i brought 5ballons from ken's party, its expensive kay, don wanna waste.. hahaas,. we have some girls talk before we slept..

friday, 30.05.08

woke up around 12something, was really tiring, brought sue to mcd for breakfast+lunch, we dint finished the fries cause we are too full.. then i brought her to jaya33, the top floor carpark open air for her to have her cancer stick, LOLs, and we have some talk (: den we went home after that, sorry girl have to make u day dream in my room X] sue went home around 4:45,.. aiks aiks, *silent* okay, have no idea what else to write, and sue, trust him and trust urself, be happy and always look forward, think to the positives way aight (: loves you..

P/s: pictures wil be upload tomorrow, I'm lazy now.. teehee.
and yea, i feel so hatered, more and more ppl are using "Just Be yourself" as their title/moto/trademark.. and the wording are almost the same.. .as mine.. nah! i know they have to right but.. i know something.. hahaa, only me know (: teehee.. you dont have to show how much u love it or u are just trying to be as freak as me? never man (:

You can always be smatter than me,
You can always be prettier than me,
You can always be funnier than me,
You can always be cooler than me,
But you will never be me (;
Lifeless kia,

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