Monday, May 26, 2008


as i said, waited for my mom to back home, went out to had our dinner @ ss2 with daddy, then dropped daddy at his place then we went home, suppose to waited for my aunt at home but decided to go to ss2 so that my mom can pass the car to my dad.. after we switches car, we went the curve.. yea,, am currently in love with curve's flea market,, teehee.. bought 2nails colour, Lady sweet Pink and the striky Pink.. weeew.. b4 we go back, i smell donuts, haha.. den my aunt said she treat me donuts, nahh.. im not addict to it, just in love with it.. hahaa.. this is the funny part.. me and my sis run there, guess what? let 5flavor -.-" GOSH, i know we'r late.. but anyway, i decided to buy 3 only, so iwant the snowy and its left last one! hahaa, so me and my sis spot on that and make sure its not be taken.. hahaaa.. its dam funny, cause we'r the 5th customer, so we keep look at it, and yeah, not body took it and we wants it! and nothing left -.- so he asked what we want and he made for us, so i want the heaven berry <33>one.. teeheee.. then, we went back to my damansara hse to stay over night (:


woke up around 10something, had nothing to eat, waited dad to come then we went to the mini market and bought some food, i made my sanwiches & my orange juice as my breakfast + lunch.. nth to do there, .. around 6sometihng?? we went to the curve to had dinner, i know its AGAIN but i saw this " the apartment" is so cute so i want to try there,, nyeh nyeh, we sit at the "toilet", hahaa.. *cute, wow.. everything there are $$ *ching ching, expensive, but my aunt promised us to treat us a meal so she said its okay, then i had my Rosini *cocktail.. teehee.. ooops, everyone are drink pain water & juice but me........ errr, dad nearly nagged at me, teeehee.. and im inlove with their salmon plate, wheeeee.. love there so much, and i had my cupcakes after my meal, STrawberry & chocolate mint, (obviously not mine i dont eat mint ^^ ) whee, strawberry its nice.. teehee.. we went home straight after dinner, dropped mom and aunt @ damansara hse, dad fetches us home 1st (:

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