Holidays begin

Saturday, May 24, 2008

oh right, it's holiday and today is saturday, weekend....... gosh, why cant i sleep longer instead of waking up so early and do nothing! realise and its true, i blog everyday, i online everyday, surfing the same net everyday, and i realise my life is begin to turn to meaningless.. GOD god,~

feeling suck now, bored, at home.. and its just 10:30AM now -.-" a ma, ade apa boleh bagi saya buat kah? GOd lahh.. mom finish her work around 4:30PM today, have to wait her to come back only i can get my ass off from the hse, sometimes, i admit thatt.... I don't like holidays, cause i can't go out larhh, duh! sien.. why can't SPM end now and i can get my ass off from this hse EVERYDAYYY.. with friends & darl.. sien sial now.. gonna keesiao soon me.. hunn is sleeping now, not sure is he outside to the postoffice and service car d not??? no msg no calls, urghhhhhh, weather is hot, uncle sun growing bigger and bigger everyday, i don't see sister rain, i only see uncle sun and aunty moon EVERYDAYY, i want sister rain & sister rainbow ):

sighs, darl having some finacial probssss, not sure whether we can manage to go to the lagoon or not, cause i want to go with him and i dun wanna stay at home for the whole 2 weeks hols laaaa.. if im gonna stay at home for the whole two weeks hols, the last day of hols u can see my ass grow roots stucking on the bed or somewhere else in my hse.. -.-" im just too bored to say something.. hahaa.. anyway, i am just too boring so that's why i'm here and no one talk to me ): so i tlak to my blog (: sayang blog* teehee.. okay okay, i stop here, mom brought back a perfume for me, its from her friend, i think? she gave it to me cause she havent buy me my perfume yet so she gave me this 1st, and bring me to buy the one i want another day (: teelalaa.. okay okay, i shall go find something to do, clean my room or whatever shitt larr, darl, msg me !!! miss u la,,,,,,... teeeee... bye (:

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