Friday, May 09, 2008

taadaa, today had EST1 only (: teehee, its having after recess, before recess studied math..during recess, awww, waited for Ain for 15mints?to bring me my food (;, hahaaa..now adays im currently in love with grape drinks (; cause i realise Ribena is NOT FATTENING at all, teehee, lalalaaa, that's all for today, its still an h our to my tuition, (:

Dissapointed, its too dissapointed to cry, i'm too stupid, no body care but why am i so concern&care about it even tough she also dont care about it, how much i pay for my love and this is the invoice for me? sighs, down, or mayb im actually not the truth one for u? or mayb u dont need me actually? or mayb im just the extra one for u? or mayb im just the one who so disturbing to u? sighs, stress, i'll be okay, (; sayangs*

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