dae (:

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Godness, why am i wake-ing up so early everyday even tough its not a school day?
sien lar, wan to sleep longer also cant, use to wake up early for schl d..
ish ish..
anyway, i have no idea what to do early in the morning, so i decided to online..
as usual, on msn, download some online games, view people's blog, and here i am for blogging (:
but ppl will think am i siao kee??
cox what can u blog in the early morning?
but i have something to blog for this morning, teehee..

my beloved aunt and her husband, my uncle came to visit us.. for so early? LOLs,
cause they brought us breakfast (;
then, my aunt ask me to go in to the car to Long Gai,
then i asked her what to long gai?
then she said her husband, my uncle brought new car.. im like, wow! i really feel rich in that moment,
my grandma have 2son and 1daughter,(including m dad), 3of them brought new car in the same month!
new vios, civik, new accord..
teehee, *show off show off *
i feel that, everyone are changing..
i mean their life, changing better and better (:
daddy, u must buy a better car than them in future kay! hahaaaa..
u can imagine, last time my whole hse, my whole family, are all PROTON WAJA.
named as waja family -.-
now? fuiyoo! hahaaa, i can finally take off this name d (;
k lar, don wanna show off later someone leave comment in my cbox saying me dis and dat..
taahahaa, kay, should stop here b4 i write and "essay" early in the morning, LOLs
stay Tune*, to be continue atnight (:
(judge are not allow forthis morning post (; )

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