Friday, May 16, 2008

yes & yeah! today is the last day of exam,.. teehee.. had math1 & pjk, everyone scream&shout once its schl end, taahaa..

And yeah, Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers (;

i feel stress, comfuse & tired,
time changed,
world changed,
human change,
everytihng & everyone are changing!
GOD! yes, nth last forever,
even human minded are changing too, to negative ways, sighs..
urghhh, its alright, we should look forward, and always think the positives way as jieyi does, teehee..

attention friend, peepz,
there's this spell spreading out,
ignore all the red calls & red messages.
once u answer the red call, u will immediately die, i'm not cursing u ppl now but its true,
cause this happened to 2innocent people from puchong, be careful & aware,
off ur phone after 11pm for ur safety-ness..

and taadaaz, that's all for today's blog ^^ i feel bored and *no comment,
some ppl are getting mad of me because i cant go out anytime especially nighttime & sighs, accept the fact (; teehee..

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