Saturday, May 10, 2008

woke up around 8:10am, GOD,,, why am i waking up so early whenever its not school day!??? sudah biasa, (; had 2 half-boil eggs & 1toast for my breakfast, went online early in the morning @@" afternoon, feeling bored, wanted to eat McD but decided not to, cause my grandma gotto pay alot $; so, i decided to make "tong yuen", teehee, my fav ^^ made 3colours, white, green & PINK (: biasa,, teehee, around 3something, my grandma decided to brought the kids to KFC, so i followed (; chicken ,.... teeheee,, reaches home around 4:30?? then bath, and ready for outing later (; taadaaa,
before it cook (;after cooked (;

went to sunway pyramid around 6, had dinner @ Canton Bay, 6people ate 8dishes, @@"teehee, then daddy took cab to find his fren @ ss2 after dinner. left me, mummy, sisters & grandma shopping (; the reason for going to SP is because im trying to buy new shoe, but, we shopped all shoe's shop for 2hrs+ , I DINT GET ANY SHOE! why? im actually found shoes that i wants, i can fit, but, problem is, my left toe, my right toe is okay to all shoe, but today had no idea what's happening to my left toe, because of it, i cant get any shoe which i found i really like it.. sighs, so, i really decided to go to have an operation during mid-term hols, but i hate staying in the hos lar GOD! but i have to, or else, i'll nvr get to wear pretty shoe, SADCASE! went back home around 10pm, tiredddd, cause my toe is time to rest, ): sadddddd,

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