Doggie freaker!! (;

Sunday, May 04, 2008

woke up around 10, watches TV,
went for breakfast around 11:45?
after breakfast, reaches home, and dad promise me to bring me to see doggy cox he found a new pet shop..
so i keep disturb him, ask him to bring me to go, cause have not see doggy for so long!!
so, when we reaches there, my straight ran up to "visit" cute doggy (;
so dam cute la!! there's a doggy name " american coctail .... " cant rmb, is dam cute..
and got 2 doggie, ciwawa and another cute dog, the owner put in the cage so i can touch them.
and, i not sure is it the owner's doggy or wat..
is dam dam dam freakin cute wei!
it have pink eyebrown! (no!, it not weird, is dam cute!!)
aiks, too bad i dint bring my phone along, or not i can take picture of it and show u all (:
urghhhh! i stay there for half an hour, cause the doggie are so cute, and people like me freak of doggies but dont have a dog will go freak when see people having a cute dog.
awwwww, too bad i have old people at home, they dont allowed ): so i have to wait until i have my own money to buy..
my dad and mom are allowed but the old people doesnt!
sad case*
hmmm kesian my sis have tuition today, from 10am-5:30pm *awwww..
so i have to stay at home, and that's for now..
urgh!! i wan doggie larh!!!!! getting more and more freak of dogs $:

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