The day

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

went to schl today, had fun though as usual (: wore my crocs to schl, for some reason $: after schl, mom fetches me and sis went home and i bath and had my lunch, then get ready for my surgery later, while waiting mummy to come back to fetch me, my boy msg-ed with me to accompany me, (; i reaches the clinic around 2:45 i think? hunnii accompany me while waiting for my turn, i start wanna cry ): when its my turn to go in, mummy not allowed hunnii to go in, once i lye down on the bed, i start crying, i duno why, or mayb im really afraid, cause its like, i can imagine and feel it although its numb already, i cried all the while and my hunn wanna come in but not allowed cause he's worrying me, i cried and scream.. when its done, my right hand cramp together, like chicken hand -.- hahaa.. i went out and sat beside my hunn and i feel so nice cause this is the 1st time my beloved one waiting for me while im in pain & cried, he sayang me, touches my head, put my head on his shoulder, asked me am i okay or not, asked me not to cry he's here with me.. thx darling, i feel so much better that someone could be more lovely and gime more warm than my parents, im not trying to like say anytihng bad but just telling the truth and trying to express it out here, i feel so sad and dissapointed, last week when i decided to do this surgery, my dad keep laughed at me, keep saying that i wont do this and all the not supporting words, but im already used to it cause non of my family do support me in anything.. today when i creid like mad, as she already know how will my reaction during the surgery, but 1st time she keep ask me shut up and she gonna slap me if i dint and said sometihng want me to shut up like dont want my hunn to heard im crying and screaming?, but i dint even want to bother what she said, cause as u know crying is part of my life cause crying is the way for me not to think much and to release my feelings instead of keeping it in my heart.. and yea, if u got the chance to see me now, my eyes are like 2 pingpong balls with panda's colour, haha.. and yea, that's why, boyfriend & friends are all i need cause they are my supporters, and they will always there for me whenever i need them or not (; thx for my friends who sms-ed me to ask about my surgery & supporting me (: doctor dint really did wat he want to do like wat he had said, cause i really cant tahan at all, so he just do something like last time, but he cut the flash mroe than last time, and that's all for today, Love hunnii jon <33 Love darlings friends <3

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