Wanna Be happy always

Sunday, May 18, 2008

went to 1u with hunnii & sis with her firends today, dad drop me, mum & sis at 1u around 12, accompany mom had her lunch at arena, den met up with hunnii @ jacky's place.. after that went to buy ticket for our movie today, wanna watch narnia but only after 5pm have sit so we decided to watch run papa run, sis watch the same movie too,, teehee.. while waiting the time till our movie, me & hunn went to dreamworld to take pics <33>


the movie was fine, kinda bit blur wit hto story line @@" met up with sis and she went to have a break with her friends, so me&hunn went to walk awhile and we went in to the car to rest & wait for sis, cause hunn is tired, after sis finish eating, went to met her up and hunn fetches us to my damansara hse, (: camwhore there, teehee,.. then mom fetches us back to met u pwith daddy to have dinner.. and teehee, that's all for today (: my comwhore pics will upload later, taaaz me & hunn look wierd with this camwhore pic but who care, teehee

taken by me when hunn was sleeping in the car while waiting for sis (:

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