exam dae-7

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

had maths2 today, GOD! i really suck in counting volume, grahhhh, need more practise (; have no idea why am i so tired since saturday? swts,.. outing too much? no larrr, hahaa,.. anyway, everything are fine today, but feel stressness, still dont get to the point of the prob, decided not to care & concern too much (; my fone suck ); bluetooth halfway hang d -.-' mother's day picture will be pospone upload ^^,
had McD for my lunch with my boyfriend, fetches AhBee around 5 to my hse area so buy some stuff and dropped me home (:
anyway, currently dirnking alot orange juice with no sugar, the original one, some taste bitter some sweet (: it alright, and sometimes drinking coca-cola light, which is without sugar, hahaaa. i think sooner i'm gonna lack of sugar huh?LOLs, wont lar, i still eat sweet sometimes ^^ teehee, and eating lots of snack which is non-fattening (; teehee, but still ate fattening food once in a while, i think 2-3 times in a week, hahaaa,... its like a kebiasaan dyyy,,.... hahaaa..
kay, that's all for today (; taataaadz

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