Tuesday, May 20, 2008

yesterday, Monday, wesak day..
i saw the newspaper wrote this Wesak day is a Day to do Good Things,
wondering why?

anyway, woke up had breakfast wth dad & sis @ old town, then we head to our damansara hse cause i heard mom said that cousins will be coming over to for swimming -.-"
wellll, u know my ass stay no longer on the place when im bored, so i decided to follow my aunt to go to the curve,
guess what? saw sam with his family, so we decided to walk together since we need to buy *something*, teehee..
yea, walk for few hrs, we cant get anything and sam cant get the shirts he want, *sad so b4 we go home we went to baskin robin to had our ice-cream, hahaa..
and so yea, we went back after that,
after i reaches back my damansara hse, while waiting everyone & the time to pass, i camwhored & slept for 1hr.. teehee
had our dinner @ ming tian around 8something,,
and that's all for the day (:

errmm yea, thinking whether i should make another blog that only post my camwhore pics , which means photo album ^^ , lalala, still thinking, and tomorrow........ ): taaaz peepz..

* pictures will upload when i got it from sam *

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