exam dae-5

Thursday, May 08, 2008

today's having science2 & english2, both are fine, teehee (;

today, my uncle brought his new-born-babyboy back from the hospital, pity babyboy had duno what "yellow"?, have no idea what is it but its some kind thing that's not good, lalaa, have another small baby for me to play with d, but he's still really a small new-born-baby so cant play with him yet, currently playing with the babyboy's sister which is 3yr-old now (: teehee, *sayang,

my mom told me how they born baby, *OUCH!! its really very pain cause they will cut abit of our vagina each time we born a baby and they will sew it back @@", i feel so "GELLY" larrrr! GOD! that's why we must love our mom! mummy is the one who bring us to this world, the most " wei da " person in the world, MUMMY ROCK! hahaa, i do love my mummy so much, this sunday is mother's day, awww, might have nth for her, or mayb bring her for dinner? teeheee, what about u? ^^

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