Saturday, May 17, 2008

continued my previous post, as i said im going out today, suppose to buy my perfume today but my mom too tired drove the wrong way so we head to sungai wang 1st, we shopping at there, but b4 shopping, we had our lunch there, shopping for the whole day, bought 2tops & 1 pink belt, teehee,
hey! i realise huh, now everything almost came out with the hot pink, as in dark pink, lols.. tought of buying the hot pink bag but dint get any suit one, around 6, moved on to ss2 to had our dinner, when i open the car door, being good-hearted to open the door for my sis cause i scare she will bang the door to the wall, so i helped her and once i turn back to close my door, my face got bang onto the door's corner.!! GOSH!! my face weih!! lucky nth's happened to my face or not im gonna screw the door,!! *ouch, its pain obviously, just a little red, ): and my mom tease me, she said why am i so careless? there's no any lengzai,.. tahaha..
and uhhh, i feel so a little bit unhappy cause i cant buy this & that because its too short and bla bla, yea, i know my mom care for me, & she know that everyone will nag at her for buying me all this sexy top&bottom.. ughh!!! well, gotto tahan for another few months, after i finish my spm. weih! im gonna do & wear and everything wtv i like yoh!! *jieyi nvr care (: i love being naughty, teehee,..

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