Saturday, May 17, 2008

GOD! i cant sleep at all, woke up around 8am, @@" sien, took my breakfast, 2toast with kaya&butter.. watches tv, online, reading blogs, and now i'm here,, teehee,

i realise there's some girls have the same brain as me, i mean same thinking, we always think too much cause something, worry too much, concern too much & care too much that's why we think alot. when u'r just too in-love with someone, u will always want to know everything about he/she whereever they are, u will feel worry when they dint give u a msg or a call & it makes u think much like *teehee* , but yes, if we do really love hat person, we shall not think too much like too over & trust them (; but dont 100% trust cause they might be over or like *naughty, tahaha,

well, was on the phone with my buddy (; we chat and talk alot, and OMG! *cant be written* lalalaa, i dont like this, i just want to be back myself as usual, GOD, anyway, i love my forever darlings shareen, sam & may yi, teehee.. *sayang y'know.. LOLs, talalala, i want to eat but what to eat? swts, kay, i shall find something to do or eat *fatt*, heading to KL around 1:30pm to buy my perfume & shopping (: teehee,

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