exam dae-4

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

lalala, today had seni for the whole day exam (:
sad case had to smash my art cause i have not enough time ):
that's today's exam (:
ofcourse we had some fun in the class, sam,josh&me while waiting for the seni paper 1..

anyway, for the one who spam my c'box, i dont even care and don want to care, cox my blog is non of ur business and i don think i dak zui any one huh?? lols, u can write wtv u like, cause u don know anytihng, so i dont and wont blame u, cause small kid duno anything (: awww, last for u, mind your own business, get ur life, grow up (: if u have the guts, leave ur name and come forward and talk to my face (: its better y'know, so everyone can stand around us and listen to ur shitty words (:

p/s : is there any problem i have my own life?

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