Wednesday, May 07, 2008

its 9pm but i'm here instead of studying, i've tried to study but nth goes into my brain.. $: tmr english will be okay for me, but science ): awwww, gonna kill myself with science,.. ughhh, seriously, except for chapter 2, nutrient, non of it is my tea (: i mean im totally a stupid in science except for chapter 2, nutrient, cause balance diet ^^ teehee

lalala, anyway, sayang boyfriend so much, i express all my anger & told him everything and he also read that "sohai" 's words, he dint scold me or anything, he comfort me with some words, i feel nice, and he's really changed so much better than last time ^^
and my friends, thank you for those who know about the "sohai" and comfort me, teehee, i'm okay, papa, talk tmr, me sleepy larr, kekee =p
alalalala, feel so ~~ lalalalalala, happy? kekee, yes! so jieyiish -..-" hahaha.. kay kay kay, really need to study awhile more, or not tmr's paper gonna ..... ohk oh~ teeheee, nights readers*

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