dae (:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

had my breakfast @ state,
fetches my mom's fren and my aunt after breakfast..
went to KL tower to buy my perfume,
but had not decided which one to buy yet,
so mom said buy for me when i make my decision, or mayb i want both? LOL
then, dopped my mom's fren and we moved on to Bangsar butique, MyDressRoom.
dint get anything from there, cos the material not really good, i love their slipper but its kinda heavy ):
after that, went to Damansara butique, brought 1 new clothe, Pink one, usual la (:
then, had our tea time..
finished, fetches my aunt back to her place..
den we moved on to ss2 butique, brought nth ):
den went to pasar malam (::
brought some food (:
home sweet home (:

i realise that, today i went so many butique but only got 1 clothe,,.. $:
i read her blog, i feel dam pist, she put me&her picture..
guess what?
she put this caption [Qkiepinkabell (me) , Qkiebaobei (mycousin) ]
what the hell?
no comment, dislike her, really getting dislike her..
kay, tmr is sejarah2 & science1, gotto go off now to study (:
(sorry papa dint answer your call, cox ytd im away from my phone, sorwieeee )
Camwhore time (:

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