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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i know i should not have post this but this will be the only place i release what in my heart aight, don't know what happened to my msn, cant online, make me more pist!

i found this blog, as i said in my old post that my this cousin who copied me everything. yes! i found her blog.
yeah, not to say im selfish, not to say that only i can use those words and names... ect
but, u may view her blog, i linked her.
her blog title and her blog link = my blog title and my blog link
sorry la, mayb u people will think sometihng about me, but u ppl who judging about this dont understand about her.
after i viewed her blog, im like WHAT THE hemm????? sorry la, cant control, stress enough cause my today's english paper sumore i saw this things,
can understand my feeling????
and her profile is like telling people how much she love pink, incase people don't know that she love pink ALOT.
and if u can notice, she have 1 picture that same as 1of my picture, her posing.. that one which is she put her finger near her lips there.. yes, i post that picture in my blog,,, well, if u're free to view her blog, read her post too, if people know how much u like that thing/colour... ect, dont have to write till so freakin clear aight?
kay kay kay, i should stop insulting her, not insult la, i know she have the right for doin all this but just let me release my anger here kay, i told this to my mom and my aunt.. and they said that she have the right to do this, and if someone copy u/be like you, it means that they admire you or blablablablaaa... awwww (: feel so nice.. hahahaa..

i don wanna write too much about her in my blog, no good la right.. cox im sure she do read my blog, how i know? i know larrr duh,,and she dint link me at all.. muahahhahaaa..
kay, getting off my ass to mcD with my mom.. taaaaz, wanna know more about her blog? click on her link.

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