dae (:

Monday, April 07, 2008

let script about last Saturday (:

went to Euphoria Charity Concert.. reach there around 2:30pm.. waited for Jieyi (not me ) cox her ticket was with me.. so around 4pm we went in and it just started.. lols. there's alot performance.. band, dancing, shuffling.. and pizza (: we ciaoz around 7+.. then my mom brought us to ss2 makan then we go home.. i dint take many pictures during the ECC but i did camwhore (: yay! that's so jieyi ^^ anyway~ this ECC thingy make me remind of Vic's shuffling~
(let's go back to 2006 Interact IU day )
on that day.. Vic and his friends performed shuffle.. and he was the best one among all of them.. and i rmb that.. i post about that day and about him in my friendster blog.. and it was like an essay so freakin long.. b`coz he performed his shuffle that day.. because of his shuffle.. i feel in love with shuffling (: and i even admire his shuffle.. OMG! ican rmb every single steps now!! ahhhh~ feel like tearing out~ nah! im okay... Vic, i wanna tell u that.. YEAH! u'r a bad guy cox u love teasing me every single mints in schl last time.. but yeah.. u'r nice (: and i wanna say~ I MISS U LAHHH! hheeee..

pictures will be upload next day (:


about today.. nah! let waste ur 10mints of reading my complains yeah (:
today i was actually kinda hyper in schl.. i duno why.. but i memang lah.. telling lame stuff in schl.. hahaha.. then sudenly.. joshua ask those keceriaan ppl and tell us thing.. and his 1st word was " PN.H GOT FIRED!" im like.. wttoot? then he said the H.M request her back but she got the last warning.. OH MY EFFFFFING GODD LAHH! she's like so freakin nice and innocent for getting this kay! all teachers complain abt her.. ehhh~ excusehem! U ALL ( TEACHERS ) ARE NOT BETTER ENOUGH TOO AIGHT! and for those teachres ( ahem.. ) who just got pose in this yr.. think u veli da biggg ahH??? suka suka buka mulut and come out with D3 / AMARAN form~ wooohooooo... IM SO SCARE LAAAA! owhhhhh PER-LIIISSSS LAHHH! ( k, back to da point ) so joshua continued and said that school rules is getting more strict~ and im like.. " like what? " he said.. once u ppl langgar any single peraturan, name will be recorded down and key in to the computrer and the list will print out and will pass it to duno duno wat shit teacher and our graduate cert will get DONGKEY! WHAT TOOOOOOOOOT IS THIS ? even if u STANDING OUTSIDE THE CLASS WITHOUT ANY PASS u will get caught too! ahem tooooooooooooot!

girls : langgar baju kurung rules - wear pinafore for 3WEEKS and will call parents and name will be recorded down too.. ( may this is for u~ awwww )
: langgar hair rules - they will give u 1 hairban and u must use it for 1 week to schl.

boys : langgar hair rules - they will give u hairban and u must use it for 1week.

phone - rammpas and will not be given back for 3months.

( langgar any single peraturan name will be recorded down and u wont get any flying colour in ur cert (: but a DONKEY~ )

WHAT THE TOOOOOOOOOOOT?!?!?! u know even chia jie yi always don care don care but NOW HAVE TO CARE! if i get D for my any cert or wat shit.. u may see wat happen to the school in the next 10mints ! grahhhhhhhh!! *burn this schl after taking my spm cert!


okay~ so after recess.. we have to go to the hall for this ceramah thingy.. me and shareen chit chat on the paper for non stop (: nah~ that's all for today ~ ANYWAY, IM SURE GONNA COMPLAIN THIS TO MY MOM! MUAHAHAHAHAHAH~ sayang my frens!

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