dae (:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ytd night was on the fone with my papa *joshua.. lols. we chat alot.. we use to it..
so yea.. school-dae $: todae.. pn.Harminder asked me, may and shareen to water all the plants.. ngeh~ it so freakin heavy X: .. and she gave us a EST workbook to do exercise.. and that's for todae..
and yeah.. todae is aprilful* and there's nothing speciallll..
and ermm.. b4 schl end. .my boyfriend sms me and say that he bang his car.. so i wonder izit true or not.. but i dont think so.. then after that i went in to the car.. josh pass by and i tell him.. : " josh my bf bang his car.. " then he like : " serious? haaA??? " den i say : " yea.. aprilful! " hahaa. .thne he like .. wat wat wat the?? hahhhaaa...

todae's mood : okay lor ~ sienzzz with probss

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