Saturday, April 12, 2008

nah~ dont blame me for blogging so many post per day, i am just too boring.
feel damn sien.. i dont mean the boring type..
i found out somestuff, and realise something.. but i decided not to ask him or care about it.. cox i promise and said already, i'll not care his personal stuff, not to involve in his personal stuff.. i'll let him do wtv he want.. why? as he said.. we are just couple, not married yet.. (: outward, i'll not care him anymore.. but inward.. i do care very much.
ah lalalaa..
were chatting with my girlfrien, may now (: gossiping and chit-chatting bout probs ^^
and im having sick larr.. grrrrr.. it nice (: so dat i can not to think much ^^ and stay in sick.. kekeee.. okay okay~ i'll stop blogging for today.. i'm sure u ppl are boring for reading all my complains.. heheee.. taaaz people (: let blog tmr or monday yeah!

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