dae (:

Monday, April 21, 2008

today have some reason* ahem.. make me cant go to schl..
and let talk about saturday (:

around 1something, went OUG yum cha have lunch with my aunt and around 5 we moved on to klang cause my duno whowho open house.. but 1st we go to my grand hse.. after reaches there, have to wait them bathe, this and that.. while waiting for them, im playing with my cousin baby boy and keep stick to the mirror as usual (: okay, around 6sometihng-7, everyone ready then we go to the xxx open hse.. since i duno what to call in english so i pput xxx larh..after reaches xxx hse, my aunties are all busy so me and my mum went to help them to cut fruits and jelly (: lalaaa.. i dint eat much on that day cause all the food are almost all fried one.. and im like OMG, wat can i eat? all too oily. .so i ate 1 chicken wing and some fried rice.. and fruits (: so finish eating, me and my others closer cousin and my sis were standing outside chit-chat.. and i decided to go in to the room cause everyone are sweating!! in the room, as usual *camwhore (: then my mom called me and my sis to go down to have social intercourse with my those duno what what aunty and my cousin brother sister.. and im like, wow i dint know i have few cousin elder brother, but my face tells that i don care cos i'll only meet them once in a billion year.. hahaa..so my aunt they keep say "aiyo, talk something la.. exchange msn la.. " bla bla.. banyak banyak, because im the eldest in my family, so i have to like SMILE and exchange a few polite words.. and my cheek are numb ALREADY but i still have to " eheheee, yaya, a a , hahaa,, yeayea " =.-" swt.. then im so lucky to escape and not even 1hr my mum wanted me and my sis to go down again cause my mom's fren is here, and he is the one who so freakin sayang me when i was baby and i remember he!! ah lun korkor (: ngeh, i really smile and talk to him.. teehee.. i like him cause he so gud ^^ for me larhh.. hahaaa.. then i escape to go up again (: and sudenly im hungry so we decided to go down to have some food.. me tak ade apa-apa makanan suka makan so i cincai take 1 fried food cause im so hungr yso i have to, am not gonna bully my tummy ^^ then me, my sis and 1 of my cousin we 3 sapu all the curry sotong.. wow!! hahaa.. it nice u know (: then we have some fun talk with my uncle.. we went back home around 1sometihng and slept at aroudn 2:30 (: i realise that, my klang cousins are so taokeis and the small girls so no manners AT ALL. my cousin elder brother is kinda girlish also @@".. eeee.. lucky i stay and born in KL or not im gonna die over there man! hahaa..

sunday, nth much, woke up around 11 as usual cause its too tired.. have breakfast with mummy and sis @ paramount garden.. then around 5 we went to bangsar butique to walkwalk and its so unlucky raining heavily so we went for only few shops and nth we want so we decided straight away go to kepong and have dinner with my whole family.. taaaz..

well, since my cable already gone for duno how long and duno where its gone, makes me have to use to bluetooth to send all my pictures in to the comp.. and im lazy now, so i'll upload pictures on the next day (: taaaaz..

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