dae (:

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

today, school dae (: sayang~
reach school as usual, 6:50a.m. -.- kee-siao everydae reach school so early duno for wat??
yes, this few days i've been studying early morning in schl @@" lols, wat to do? exam larhh god, i swear no body likes it ngeh~
todae, we have new names... teeheee..
1st come Jospoo [joshua] , sampoo [sam] , shapooo [ shareen ] , mapooo [ may ] , kenbutze [ kenneth] and "fingerlady" [ me ] T_T .. awaaaaa.. cox im too dumb, always make mistake of english.. (ngeh, not gonna write here, only my sayang frens know) kekeex..
thx to the exam, make my day full of study, books and blabla.. but it dont seems like i care neih~ i only study early morning in schl and spent maximum 2hrs at home to study.. aijo aijo..
anyway, i can guarantee my sejarah is so gonna fail larhhh.. die mou?
and i must pass my science $: i wish i could.. but i will and sure and must and and pass my math! it a must! a sure! aaa.a...a..a.... i love math (:
stayed back after schl teman my darling..
poking each other cos i denda him..
and that's all for today (:

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