dae (:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

todae.. kesian jieyi *me larrr.. cox todae mayy dint come to school so weiwei so boring.. and he go kacau shareen then me~ =.=" *wth? so he use this broom.. erm.. *not normal type broom.. anyway.. he use that thingy.. to chase over me.. use that thing kacau me~ grahhh .. and so.. when he put it down.. and when im trying to snatch it from him.. so that he couldnt kacau me.. but so unlucky.. he......... leg so long walk = run.. then took the *broom and chase me.. and im like... AAahhhhhh over ther.. ><" so paiseh~ grrrr.. then after schl. .sam teman me stay back.. for my interact.. ^^ thx sam~ so josh belanja us makan ice-cream.. and this weiwei.. he snatch my ice-cream and im like a small girl shouted at him.. then this sam say me blah blah-flahh... hahaa.. 5mint later.. weiwei snatch sam punya ice-cream and he lagi small boy~he like wanted to cry macam tu~ muahahahaa.. hahaaaa.. bluehhh.. say me larrr.. kekeee .. dai sei~ errmmm.. so that all for today (:

anyone going for the euphoria charity concert?

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