Thursday, April 17, 2008

yes, everything had came out from my heart..
everything are now end and we're back to usual..
i love you darling..
thx for everything..
thx for no being angry or releasing ur anger when im like that for these days..
u really made me happy..
i love you sayang!
anyway, today in schl is so freakin bored, took some pictures which is only sam's picture ^^
stayed back today..
sun was hot hot hot hot hot as usual ~
my darling try to make me happy to he asked me wanna play basketball while im sleeping halfway..
so i say yes cause the weather turn cloudy..
around 3:40 play till 4:00 cox raining =.="
then he sayang back say tmr teman me play and buy me desert (:
yes! he really change for me.. i should trust him..
i should listen to him not to think much..
be back as usual the stupid one -.-"
i've said sorry to him for the way i talk to him since last thursday till now.
he forgive me and dint even angry of me, altough just 1mint ^^
sayang u hunney~
u brought me back the to the rainbow.. lols.
and yes! i can smile truely! i did it! u brough back the true smile for me!

i love you

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