Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i've deleted 2post under an "order", mayb he's really a nice guy? but so wtv.. but 1 more tihng.. what is his point of dislike me? but anyway, b4 dat he dislike me, i dont understand but if it now i understand laa.. but erm doesnt mean i dislike him back la aight? cox jieyi dont hate or dislike people ^^, just gossip.. kekee.. k la.. am not gonna say sorry for it.. and i dont he even will acept it..


let talk about today.. today there's 2 girls settling their stuff and i learnt something from them..
we shud have confidence on ourselve no matter wat we do or who are we or wtv.. we cant judge someone just because of their outward (: and we must always face the fact of everything..

yea, know sometihng.. stealing ppl's picture and fake them? hurtful kay.. so better not.. (: stay peace the best ^^


friends, because of the 2post that i've deleted and some prob.. am not appear in my blog for some months or mayb decided to stop blogging? dont worry frens, just a might yea.. since i blogging cause so many probs or so many rubbish and even make people more hate me.. so see lar.. or mayb i'll only blog about weekedns or might stop blogging untill exams over? sien..
anyway.. this few days im really stress and tired.. im so unlucky got stoled money, and its class money.. gotto pay it back wit my own money.. cos dint plan to tell me parents..
so now adays there's really lots prob happening to me.. feel so freakin stress and tired.. duno what shud i do.. but i admit either 1 probs is cause by me.. i duno larr.. darling keep say he nth nth nth, dint think anything.. mayb he just dont wan make me think much or wat.. but i dont think he really nth for all these probs..
frens, i think im really change to kinda bit lanci and the way i talk like kinda chuen.. this so not jieyi right? hahaa.. don worry, i wont let this continue.. but the point of me being this cos i dont want to get bullied anymore but ngeh.. i got frens to support me.. yeah fren! i promise i'll take away all these devil from me.. heheees. sayang frens ^^ and boyfriend, i wish to know what are u thinking and mayb i shud let u go so that i wont make u so tired and stress too.. or i shud not love u that over much? love u..
- frens, dont have to view my blog during weekdays.. or for some months.. cos me not gonna update anything in all this coming days.. wanna rest - taaz, bringing myself to the bed (: and today whole day tak makan, kesian la k? me so ppor ): *biasa ^^

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