daes (:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

let see..

afternoon had breakfast+lunch with my aunty..
then we moved on to klang to visit my grandpa..
had dinner at there..

school as usual..
no assembly..
had lotsa fun in class (:
have 2 new india white skin friends (:
lols, joking.. just that may & sam was learning indian's language..
stayed back after school to accompany my boyfriend,
& we had an arguement but now we are okay d (:
went tuition at night and talk lots with joshua instead of stuying..
hhaaa.. biasa larhhh..

today, is so unlucky..
i dint&dont bring phone to school for duno how many days..
and today i just feel like bringing.. so once i bring, i got caught!
have no idea why they only check our class but whatever larh, we dont even give a damn..
school is always the same, but yet we still have lots of fun everyday in school (:
b4 school end, went to see en.zaidi to take back my fone and we have some fun talk there also.. hhaaaa..
aikkkss, tomoro, examssssss start! and i don feeel anything, or what? just take it normal and easy (:
went to stationary shop to buy some stationary for exams..
then went to eat steamboat..
errrr, let me think...... yes! i have already cut down my supper for 2-3months d, but aiya.. 1 time is okay larrr..
then went to kiosk to buy some drinks..
and i found this "pepsi light",
hahaaa,.. the labels there, all are 0%! non sugar..
izit true? aiya.. anytihng, cans drink are always bad for health but atleast this is not fattening? hahahaaaa..
pepsi light is better than the others laaa..
OMG! i realize that, i really did look at the labels before i buy food!! oh no, my dad gonna kill me (:
ngehngeh~ sorrrrrrrrreeeyyyy larr, im gain-ing weight, tummy bigger-ing. heheheee..
i gain 0.5kg last week and now lose 0.3kg d.. muakakakakakakakk~ swt sial..
kay, waiting mummy to bring back my J-co (:
and and and and and~~~
im getting more and more and more freak to puppy/doggies larhhh !!!!!
can someone buy me a cute puppy??? sad, have to wait till i get my license? NO WAAAAyyyy, 1yr later, i want a dog!!! a ngehngehngehgneh~
taaadaaaa.. byez peepz!

friends, goodluck to u all for your exam (: sayang~

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