smile (:

Friday, April 25, 2008

thinking what to post about today..

feeling sad and dissapointed?

wonder why is there a block between us everytime i asked for a date.

trying to think widely, i'm okay.

just feeling there's sometihng between us after that arguement.

feeling weird..

wondering, thiking, asking..
but there is no answer for my questions..

wanna drive away one's care.. wanna relieve boredom for not thinking much..

but i don't wanna to be alone. is there any accompany?

i wish to but its okay. cause my face will always tell u i'm so okay..


let see, today? schl as usual.. study~
feeling great, studies got 1step success.. have to keep it up (:
anyway, have no idea what to blog for today..
have happy and sad feelings (:
wanna go out yum cha, but with who? lols.
kay, stop here (: taaaz

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