sayangs (:

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

todae.. schoool.. do wat? study larh.. what else? have fun with my friends!!
lols. today played basketball during PJK.. not bad, quite fun and crazy sial~
took picture with my girlfriend in the toilet as we always do (:
talk lots in school, laugh lagi lots in the school and 1 thing i have to admit.
I LOVE SCHOOL (: [ get my point, is schooling time like having fun, being childish and lot more.. but not in love with studies yea ] schooling was fun and time will never turn back so now i must appreciate my 7more months schooling time ): sad case.. anyway.. friends are forever, boys are whatever.. aight? hahhaaa.. ( darling i love u kay, don misunderstand yeap. kekeks )

okay, these are the pictures taken on last saturday (:

okay, im forgetfull so all my pictures are in small size, but wtv la.. no body care nor interested yeap (: taaaz.

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