happiee school daee~

Thursday, April 24, 2008

today, we have lotz fun in class.. during english, teacher dint come so we went to the library.. have some fun and took some pictures (: after recess, during science.. have science test.. finish science test.. HsienChien he started to make this thingy. i duno what does it call.. then me and sam took it and coloured it with highlighter.. then, shareen, may want it too cos it cute and nice.. then i saw wei leng is doin 1 smaller one.. so i took it from her (: and coloured it with pink and purple (: i cant colour it whole pink cos it may look wierd.. then then then.. it our pictures time ^^..
P/S: yes! we loving doing all this altough it childish for u? but who dont care, cos it last yr being like that so why dont we appreciate the fun time in school b4 we regret? lols. for those who think that we'r childish or wtv.. let me tell u, we dont care.. cos we'r 17 and only once in our life (:
aiks.. today no study at all.. so im getting my ass of from here b4 my dad open his mouth to me..
suet yen: erm, im kinda lazy to do ur tag.. hehees.. so see if im in the free mood to do (:
taaaz ppl (: feel free to scroll down to have a look (:
Moment in Library (:

made by HsienChien ( the paper creater ), coloured by sam&jie

Shareen with her wihisng wand. ?
sam with his wihsing wand. ?
jieyi with her baby wishing wand. ?
may with her wishing wand. ?

Shareen (:

shareen, sam, may & jieyi 's.
girlfriends <3

angels? hahaaas.. frenz!
ken & reen
wooo.. phew-wit~
babymama, papa, mama (:
yes, we are lessbie ~ <3
shareen have big star on her head.. *faint
me sayang shareen <3>
Caption: shareen have 1big eye only.. can see her another eye? lols. ( sam&me = background )

caption: sam have big smiley. ( ken and me = background ) hahaaa..

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