just Get use to it. (:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i duno how to scrip what's in my mind now.hmmm..make it easy, i know tihngs about him almost everyday that where he went or what.i feel like shading my face, but i decided not to.why? nop! doesnt mean i dont care anymore..as i said before, just get use to it and let him be. and i wont care/control him that much. i'll lethim go/do wtv he like/want. yes, from my face u can see that i totally dont care or even want to care about his stuff anymore..but in my heart, i cant stop caring about his stuff like he go out without letting me know.yes, i admit im really control & care about him.why? cause i hate to be lie! im sure no girls love it aight?why i care & control him that much? because i love him too much.but now? i tell myself not to control him anymore and care him too much anymore!and also i wont love him that too much again, cause it hurtful!and now, im trying and trying not to control him and care him anymore, and even love him too much.. and im now open1eye close1eye and try to make myself not to rmb or care about what i know. i'll just act everything i dont care and love him less from my outward but not inward. sorry darling for all my words to u. cause i cant stop caring and aecept what u hide everytime. i love u? i care u? it doest big matter to u! cause there's more girl there for u. u may say i think too much but u'll nvr know why i think all this. cos i love you to much and trust u too over much and this is all what i get. so i'll just use to it and love u lesser. sorry, i have to cause i dont wanna cry anymore!

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