dae (:

Friday, April 18, 2008

early morning when i reach schl, i have this feeling that todae will be a boring dae.. cos the Hari Kecermerlangan shitty~
and yes, we all have to go in to the dewan for duno wat shittee thing..
then me, sine yee, vicky and wei leng escape to library..
then later while follow by sam and ken..
after recess.. it seriously boring..
so me, may and sam dcided to walk out the schl and we success to ^^
went to may's hse 1st.. then i called my bf for 30+ times only he answer the call..
and i just finish my sceince tuition.. and i feel like stop the tuition.. ngeh.. see lar..
kay, getting my ass off now to find something to bite ^^ taaaz nitezz

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